Nederlands Engels Duits Frans


Our cast metal pattern making company was formed in 1984 by emplyees from Iron foundry De Holland at Bergen op Zoom.
Since then Anéko has been a byword.

Experienced Cast Metal Pattern makers.

About this feeling for the craft: a good patern maker can't do without.
A precision is required to be able to work up to a tenth of a millimeter.
Our emplyees have posessed that skill for over 40 years.Their knowhow and knowledge has be transfered to our younger pattern makers.
Together they make up Modelmakerij Anéko.
A good pattern making company can produce perfect patterns but also make a complete cast-ready pattern.
Anéko has perfected the art of pattern making in wood as well as resin or PU block.


In communication with..

Service is essential! Every project , be it big or small , is being made in good communication with the client.
A perfect pattern remains the end goal, the finish on it being equally important.
Anéko delivers a product with which the foundry of your choice can work directly.